Double Union is accepting applications for membership through May 20th! Learn more on the membership page.

Double Union is a hacker/maker space for women and nonbinary people in San Francisco.

Our goal is to be a community workshop where women and nonbinary people can work on projects in a comfortable, welcoming environment.

Double Union is a space for your projects

Things women and nonbinary people do in this space include sewing, programming, electronics, screenprinting, fiber arts of all kinds, and zine making.

Fast internet, shared tools, a carefully curated library of books and zines, and discussion spaces make this a great space for working on your projects, learning skills, and meeting new friends.

Double Union is a supportive community for feminist activism. We strive to be intersectional feminists, centered on women and nonbinary people, and queer and trans-inclusive.

Visiting Double Union: Classes and Events

Double Union is located in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood.

Other than during events open to the public, Double Union visitors must be the invited guest of a member. Please do not visit without the express invitation of a member. Please do not invite guests unless you are a member. Guests may be any gender or age.

You can find out about upcoming events (and learn more about us) on our blog, following us on Twitter at @doubleunionsf, Facebook, Instagram, or joining our general interest mailing list. (Note: By clicking on the mailing list link, you will be redirected to our Google Groups page. Click “Join group” or “Subscribe to this group” to get emails.)


Double Union is accepting new members! Members join through an application and voting process. If you’re interested in being part of Double Union, please apply.

Check out our membership page to learn more.

Want to Support Double Union?

Double Union is a non-profit supported entirely by donations, membership dues, and volunteers.

We would love your support for maintaining our makerspace in San Francisco! We hope to serve as a role model and resource for other makerspaces and hackerspaces around the world.

You can make tax deductible one-time or monthly recurring donations via PayPal.

You can also reuse or contribute to our open source website code and internal membership management app code.